15 Janvier 2018



Interview Fabio (mail)

Hello guys !! Can you introduce all Lectern's members please ?

Hello. I'm Fabio, I play bass and I'm the singer. You have Pietro and Gabriele on the guitars and Marco on the drums.

Why did you call your group Lectern ?

Because it's satanic ! Brief, infernal and remindful ! Nothing better than a brief word, a fucking logo from Christophe Szpajdel to remind one of the pulpit.

I believe you have experienced many line-up changes since your inception in 1999 ? What are the reasons and has this slowed your personal and musical development down?

In part yes. It is always harassing to rebuild a new line-up every fucking new time ! You realize that you have nothing to do with these assholes, so that's why you get detached from those fuckers ! People often plot behind your back  !

What are your influences, your sources of inspiration ?

Lectern is a very personal outfit, but if I must say, I'll tell you : all that is American death metal from the very beginning of the 90s. It's just what we want to be ! Monstrosity, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel : do you know someone better ? Us !

The sound of your guitars often reminds me of the first death metal albums released in the early 90s. How do you manage to reproduce such a fat and deep sound ?

We've always recorded at the Outer Sound Studios, and a nasty six strings sound will and always will be mandatory ! Giuseppe Orlando is our producer for excellence ! He knows what we need, an old school sound every fucking time when we go tracking in his studio ! What kind of death metal record could be one with thin guitars ? Heaviness is everything !

I've listened to your album "Precept Of Delator" and I find it really excellent. You embellish your compositions with many technical soli all more rabid than each other. Where did you learn to master your instruments ?

And you have not listened to our new record yet ! Death metal cannot be performed if you don't know how to manage an infernal sound made of hellish riffs ! Not only for the sound itself, but also solos, blasting drums, grunting vocals and fast bass lines ! We always find new solutions, our solutions, during rehearsals, at home, thinking about arrangements while I drive my car, or stopped at the traffic light ! I never stop imagining new ideas and arrangements, before recording and even when we are recording a new album in studio ! It's a stream of things, riffs, passages, attempts of changes and so on !

Have you had a good feedback since the release of this album ?

A lot ! Many interviews and reviews wherever ! Magazines and webzines on the internet ! The audience grows up at every release. We have technical lyrics driven with a classic and brutal death metal ! We are conscious that we don't invent anything, but we are full of adrenaline and that's what leads us insane to hell, through mad shows and weird records and fucking riffs !

Can you tell us about your next album "Deheadment For Betrayal" and its process of elaboration ? Should we expect changes from the previous album ?

"Deheadment For Betrayal" will be released in April through Via Nocturna again. The sound is always brutal, very acid, but the new songs are a huge step foward, and lyrics have touched unexpected destinations ! You'll see !

"The Precept Of Delator" artwork was simply beautiful. Can you tell us something new (I saw your last drawing on Facebook but it was not finished) about the future cover of your last album ? Whatwill it represent and what does it mean ?

On the new cover, torturing gears through cascades of blood are the nightmare of dying christians ! Andreas Marschall made it, he also worked on Obituary, Hate Eternal and Immolation artworks !

The Italian scene seems dynamic with big names like Daemusinem, Fleshgod Apocalypse or Hour Of Penance. What's your opinion about them and do you have relationships with their members ?

Italians are the only people with an amount of bands on the same level as the Americans. Maybe we overtook them, being best than anyone else nowadays ! Hideous Divinity, Devangelic, Bloodtruth, Hellish God, Deceptionist, Blasphemer and Hellslave simply kick ass ! And I haven't mentioned all of the bands from my country !

I thought I read that you played on stage alongside monsters such as Incantation, Sepultura or Archgoat. Tell us about this experience and what it has brought you.

Wonderful ! Especially with Incantation, my favourites of the aforementioned lot ! Mike Poggione was with Skinned on bass on that tour. He told me how, in his opinion, Italian death metal bands are the best worldwide now ! His idea was that we took all the best from the American bands !

We all know that the world of music is hard and often ungrateful. What motivates you every day to pursue this kind of music ?

The hate that grows from the inside ! Death metal is a beast you have in yourself !

Do you have a European or world tour planned to meet your fans and get known ?

A European tour is planned for this summer during June and July with Anal Vomit. We will be in France performing in Niort, Rennes and Nancy so far. Also appearing in Italy, Belgium, Holland and England. Others countries, cities and dates will be announced shortly.

If we were to wish you one thing for 2018, what would you choose ?

The death of God ! Finally !

Thank you for your time for "Aux Portes Du Metal". A last word for our readers and your French fans ?

We will be in France very fucking soon to give you gigs ! You will remember them !