23 Juin 2018



Interview Christos Antoniou and Kerim "Krimh" Le

I am fortunate enough to get to interview Septicflesh and joined by Philippe our lead photograph. Christos Antoniou (guitar) shows up with the press assistant...I just saw Kerim "Krimh" Lechner (drums) hang around in the press area, and after asking for him to join, this is what he does.

Hi guys, for somebody who doesn’t know Septicflesh, would you please introduce us to your band?

Christos : You know, I don’t like labels, it’s for soap or music stores. But it’s something we cannot avoid. We play symphonic death metal. We serve music, we serve art. We always aim for quality of creation.

You put some groove, very intricate settings and it takes some playing along to notice the sheer complexity of it, did you intend to do it this way ?

Christos : No, we follow our inspiration : sometimes it can be complex, sometimes very simple. We don’t follow any rules. We follow our inspiration and we’re very open minded. We aim for quality.

Well, since Communion, every album is coming on top of the previous one in terms of quality. Do you have the same feeling ? (Krimh laughs)

Christos : Yes, we have this concern to overpass the album we released, it’s in favor of us. It gives us more power in the creation. we believe we’ve done a great job, we don’t repeat ourselves. We try new sounds, we try to update visual aspects, everything ; that plays a major role

Krimh, from behind the kit, did you notice any particular song that the audience digs a lot?

Krimh : During shows, it’s the ones that are more groovy like Martyr for example. When you record them, you wonder if it’s too slow for hardcore death metal fans but these songs work best for the crowd. It’s bouncy and lets you have a big fat sound and its gets people animated and jumping. Those songs which are mid tempo, those are the best for live shows. But I also like the fact that we have faster and more compolicated songs soi t has a little bit of everything in there to be honest. Martye is always the one where people jump, you can see the groove is happening. This is firly simple fo us , it’s a simple groove so you can put full enrgy in it.

What about you Christos?

Christos : Yes we are not about songs that cannot work in live situation. We need color, lighting, good sound.

Do other songs have great impact?

Christos : Martyr is a commercial song

What? Commercial song from Septicflesh?

Christos : Yes a commercial song with quality (feeling embarrassed). Anyway there are no non quality songs

Aside from Septicflesh do you guys do something else?

Christos : I live for music, I’m busy with Septicflesh

What about you Krimh?

Krimh :Well Christos has more complicated stuff to do than me with composition. As for me, we play the same set. I use the time to either teach and I do session work for other bands. I get the material, learn it, and record it.

Well, I didn’t know Krimh would be there and I’m a big fan. We’ll do like he’s not there (Christos making a gesture for Krimh to shut his ears) I believe all of you are from Greece except this guy, can you tell us about him?

Christos : (All laughing) He’s a great and strong drummer. We see a big difference, he’s a real pro, he gives a boost to the band. From the first moment we put him in our family.

Can you be specific on the difference he brought to the table ? (Krimh cracks outloud)

Christos : Well it’s simple to understand (I know I just put Christos on the spot)

He’s shy, it’s OK. How come you’re on a French label?

Christos : We were always on a French label. We were approached by Season of Mist that supports really well. Michael is a big fan and plays important role in the development of the band.

I was wondering, do you cross fans who tell you the last two albums got you a terrific dimension ?

Christos : After Communion, we got a stable development, the band grew a lot. But bigger things will come soon.

Can you tell us about the big things ? Album, something else?

Christos : No it’s too soon, we’re still in negotiations

Can you share about your touring routine for warm up.

Christos : Krimh has to warm up. I have a problem with my arm so now I warm up but before I didn’t. Now I pay the price.

Even your brother doesn’t warm up his throat?

Christos : Absolutely not, never

What about you Krimh?

Krimh : I’m actually rarely in the backstage room, I set up the drums, I play, I fold it back up. Now I figured I need to go running for like 5-10 minutes. I even used to do that in the US during the winter tour. Get out of the venue, run a couple of times around the block. It’s freezing cold, you wake up, you get your body to be flooded with oxygen. You sweat and then you’re ready to go on stage. I don’t need to take a practice pad with me, there’s rarely any space. For me it just never worked out sitting in a practice room.

Anything for the wrists?

Krimh : No, the tricky thing is the legs for me. Septicflesh is more demanding for the legs, especially for the first songs we play. And it’s almost the most tricky thing to warm up. I don’t have my pedals in the backstage room, you just have to be practical, travel a lot, that’s OK

What’s next for this current tour, what countries

Christos : Festivals in Slovakia, England, a tour in Russia, we’ll tour US again.

Next album is for 2019 or later?

Christos : I think it will be later.

What are your impressions on the festival?

Christos : it’s huge, amazing festival, we’re really happy to be here,

How many times were you on the billboard here?

Christos : It’s the fourth time.

Krimh : I did it in 2010 with my previous band. It used to be different, the backstage was behind the stage literally, now we have to go thru shuttles !

Does it get hot in your stage costumes?

Christos : Yes, really hot but it’s part of our aesthetics…

What is the question I didn’t ask…

Christos : At the moment I’m OK (all laughing)

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