Interview date

February 2007


Yann G


Hi Doro, thanks a lot for accepting this interview for the french metal webzine
Why did you choose the "Warrior Soul" title ?

"Warrior Soul" was inspired by this movie "Anuk - The Path Of The Warrior" and it was the title track for the movie and was later on the title of the CD as well... I always felt like a little warrior soul cause to survive in the music, it takes a lot out of you. Everyday is a fight and I learnt from my hardest and most difficult moments the most and that you always have to be a warrior especially in your heart and soul.

With which bands did you tour ? Did you have fun with them ?

Oh yes we had a lot of fun totally, and we had great bands with us on tour like Sonata Arctica, Altaria, Benediction, Winterborn and Crucified Barbara in Russia.

Which date in which place was your preferred date ? And why ?

Oh I loved every single show and it was a fantastic tour with the greatest fans and the best wildest atmosphere, the two Paris shows were fantastic and we wanna come back very soon because I think that was our favorite 2 shows unforgetable !!!

Your very limited edition to 1000 pieces of Warrior Soul box including the snowball and the t-shirt is totally sold-out and only available in auctions on e-bay. Are you proud of such a success ?

Yes that is great ! I didn't expect that but it's great.

Can you please tell us more about the content of this DVD ? What would you say to convince a metal fan to buy it ?

The DVD is 6 hours long and has a really cool and funny Tour movie of the Warrior Soul tour on disc one. Its very authentic and very well done by the director Ronald Matthias. He gave his heart and dedicated all his time and energy to make it great, you can see and feel that right away. And then there's the 20 year anniversary concert on, which is 3,5 hours with great special guests like Lemmy and Mikkey Dee of Motorhead, Saxon, Udo Dirkschneider, Blaze Bayley, the band members of Warlock, and many many surprises and great musician friends who really meant something to me in all these years ... The show is looking really good and the filming and cutting is beautiful I think. It is something special and there's another bonus CD. A third disc with live songs and unreleased material in the package as well... I think the fans will enjoy it a lot. I hope and so far we've got very nice responses from fans who saw the DVD.

Now that the Warrior Soul tour is over, did you start working on a new album ?

No, not yet, but I will start soon to write new songs and come up with some nice surprises....

Thanks a lot for your time !

All the best and lots of love ! See you soon and Rock on guys !... Bonne chance ! Doro.