Blue Coupe

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Aout 2010




Interview Joe Bouchard (face to face)

Hello Joe, we are Philippe and Didier, from the French Webzine Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.


Can you tell us a bit about your band, and its name Blue Coupe? 

It's a new band, it's been around for about three years. The name comes from Blue Oyster Cult mixed with Alice Cooper. Blue Coupe. It started when my brother Albert got an offer to play in a club. It worked out very good, they payed us a lot of money (laught). Then we started playing a few more show here and there, and then we were talking to Robbie Krieger from the Doors, about performing, he said well, I cannot come out and tour, but if you record some new songs, I'll see if I can play. So he plays on our upcoming album Tornado On The Tracks.

We know your background [Joe and Alfred were members of Blue Oyster Cult, and Dennis Dunaway was the original bassist of Alice Cooper and he wrote many songs for him], tell us about your music today?

Of course we have a lot of influences from BOC and Alice Cooper, but we like classic rock, we like good songs, we like the Doors, the Byrds, in fact we have a cover on our album of a Bird song called Dolphin Smile, it's for a movie. And I heard from one of the Byrds, Chris Hillman, that he really likes our version of the song, he is really happy. Although these influences are strong, this band is very creative. And when you will hear our new album, you will understand. We are always looking for something new. New songs of course, but also trying to get into a lot of meaning in the songs. We want to do more than old stuff. Take some chances and put out some new songs out. When we booked this tour we were hoping that the album would be released. It's finished, it's mixed, but it needs to be mastered. It'll be another month.

Are you still in contact with the members of BOC or Alice Cooper ?

Yes, yes. I have not talked to BOC in a couple of years but I did go to see them twice. Then send me money, twice a year. That's good. Alice Cooper is a good friend. And Dennis is going to record the next Alice Cooper record.

Today you'll be playing as a trio, is this the ideal band for you?

Trio are good. I have been doing this since I left BOC, you know sometimes I play with more people. For example I went to Iraq, in July, to play for the troups. And it was a classic rock band, nine musicians. It was a big tour for the troups. We did five show in ten days there. It was very difficult.

In France you'll be only doing two dates...

Yes, but we will do more. Not this year but after the album is out.

What's the plan after this ?

More shows. We are doing well in Canada, so we will be going to Canada, then back to France sometimes next summer

Big Ben has just started so it's hard to talk, so thanks a lot and have a great concert

"Oui", thanks a lot, send me the link when the interview is online.

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