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22 Février 2012




Interview Cadaveria (by mailer)

Hello, and thank you for this interview for our french website,

It has been five years since your previous album, "In Your Blood". Why such a long time?

Cadaveria (herself): We have been busy with live shows till 2010. In the meanwhile I released the second full length album of DyNAbyte, the Industrial Metal project in which I play with my bass player John. We took quite a long time to compose and record "Horror Metal" album. It has been recorded in three different studios and it is totally produced by us. This means you have a lot of extra work to do: pre-production, mix, mastering, artwork… We did all this work with the necessary calm, caring all the details. That’s why this new album was released only in January 2012.

2. Your previous album was published by the french label, Season Of Mist. This one is published by Bakerteam Records. Why have you changed?

The contract we signed with SOM was just for one record, so it was natural to change the label after "In Your Blood". Bakerteam is a division of Scarlet Records, for which we released our two previous albums, so it is like to come back home. In Bakerteam, CADAVERIA is considered a priority and the guys from the label have the right enthusiasm to menage "Horror Metal" promotion in the proper way, giving the band the visibility it deserves.

3. Your new album is entitled "Horror Metal", a very good idea for an album title. Can you tell us who got this idea?

Since the release of our first album "The Shadows’ Madame", CADAVERIA music has been labelled as Horror Metal, by fans and critics, a definition that means all and nothing and that therefore leaves us free to cross different genres and basically play what we like. When we finished recording this new album we started thinking about its title. We thought "Horror Metal" could synthesize the obscure and anguish atmospheres evoked by these eleven new songs. So in this case Horror Metal is more a mood, a feeling, than a genre. It is well linked with our new look and with our imaginary, that has always been inspired by horror movies and stuff like that.

What is your definition of the “Horror Metal”?

It is extreme music dealing with obscurity and fear.

Can "Them" or "Abigail" from King Diamond be qualified as "Horror Metal albums"?

I don’t know, I’m not a journalist and to define other bands is not my job. Probably Horror Metal means something different to me and to you. It depends on the sensibility and tastes of the listeners.

Your new album was published a few days after the new Opera IX one. I think it’s just a pure coincidence but I’d like to know if you have listened to their album? And what you think about it?

It is nothing more than a coincidence. I have listened to just a track, the one they released through a video, but I’ve read some reviews and it seems it is not the best album they have released. Someone said it sounds a bit monotonous.

For me, "Horror Metal" is the best album of your discography. What is your favorite one and why?

I agree with you. This is with no doubt our best release. I think all the songs from "Horror Metal" have a great value. I mean, there are no songs included in this album just to fill it and reach one hour of length. I’m particularly satisfied also by the production: it contemporary and old style at the same time.

I feel many influences listening to this album. Thrash, Black, Gothic... even Heavy Metal. The last part of "Apocalypse" sounds like a Black Sabbath riff. Was it intended?

I’m glad to hear you noticed this influences. Our music has always been a mix of different genres. Yes, the Black Sabbath echo is a conscious choice, it something dealing with the past, but revisited with the mood of 2012. For example the song "The Days of the After and Behind" is like old school Black Metal transposed into the present and enriched by nowadays technologies.

Could we say "Horror Metal" is like a melting pot from different influences?

Sure. There is a constant in this album, that is the dark and primordial feeling evoked by each track, but each song has its own identity. Lyrically the influences are many: literature, cinema, personal experiences...

The last title, "Hypnotic Psychosis", is a bit different. The first time I heard it, I thought it was a cover. What can you say about this track?

This track must be intended as an experiment. Musically it starts with an Eighties Dark Wave mood, than it explodes into a Nu Metal/Black piece. Lyrically it is a sum of strange definitions I wrote just ‘cause they sound great ("Electric orgasm of frequencies", "Catatonic sensations", "Galvanized by obscenities"…). It is not accidental if we put it in the end of the album.

Cadaveria’s drummer, Marcelo Santos aka Flegias is also the leader of Necrodeath, who has published a new album a few months ago. Isn't his schedule jeopardized by Necrodeath? Is this the reason why you’re not touring a lot?

No, simply Necrodeath is more an all-round entertainer than CADAVERIA. We prefer doing less gigs, but more focused. On the other hand we have more audience abroad than in Italy, but abroad it is more difficult to organize gigs if you don’t have a serious and professional management that cares about all the stuff.

From this side of the Alps, the Italian metal scene seems to grow with quality bands from all styles (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance, Ecnephias, Adimiron, Ancient Bards, Mastercastle, Necrodeath, Cadaveria of course). What do you think of the Italian metal scene, these days?

There are some good bands, but it is still hard to get the right visibility all around the world.

Now, as specialists of Horror, I want to ask you some questions about Horror to evaluate your Horror Culture. ;-)

Oh, shit! Is this an exam or an interview? ;)

Can you say few words about some famous Horror movies:

- "Nightmare on Elm Street" by W. Craven:

Well, I don’t like Wes Craven’s movies.

- "The Exorcist" by W. Friedkin:

A must! I love Regan vomiting green muck!

- "Friday the 13th" by S. Cunningham:

The best one of the saga.

- "Night of the Living Dead" from G. Romero:

Amusing. I like independent movies.

- "Suspiria" by D. Argento:

Pure poetry, even if I prefer Deep Red (Profondo Rosso!)

- "Dracula" by F. F. Coppola:

Exciting, like all forbidden things;)

- "Scream" by W. Craven:

Nooooo !

What is your favorite one (not specially one of those) ?

Equal worth to "The Exorcist", "Profondo Rosso" and "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre".

And your favorite Horror book or author ?

E.A. Poe.

I'll let you conclude this interview.

Thanks a lot for this. A dark embrace to all French fans! Don’t forget that "Horror Metal" out now!

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