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30 Mai 2013




Interview Jacob Binzer (by mail)

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Hello Didier

I saw you also last year at the Hellfest, it was a great set, did you enjoy that festival?

We enjoyed Hellfest very much. It´s not just a metal festival, but also a rock´n´roll party, which we enjoy a lot.

Did you meet any musicians that you were fans of?

No, but there were many bands we are fans of.

Do you prefer a short set in a huge festival like Hellfest or a long headlining set?

We enjoy both. If the place is packed, everything is fine.

I also saw you in Lyon a couple of weeks ago. What a concert! It was such an evening! Was it a good night for you?

I remember a very good crowd from that evening. Actually the last couple of times we played there have been great. Good vibes.

Jesper did a lot to speak French to us, about the sun on a Friday evening despite the fact that it was a rainy Thursday evening. It was fun for us. Do you always manage to get that close to the audience?

Jesper makes an effert to learn a little of the local language. Even Finnish. It´s sometimes amusing, sometimes close. But always comical. Great to hear that you enjoyed it. That’s a part of D-A-D as well and it’s good that most people don’t feel offended when Jacob is having his little mistakes.

In the 2011 interview you said that France concert organizers didn't seem that interested, in 2013 you have four dates, what changed in the meantime?

We are back with a great agent, and it´s going forward very fast. Sometimes things get rolling when you don’t expect it. A very pleasant surprise in this case for sure. And we’ll be coming back to play in France for sure.

Anyway we thank you for coming to France and I hope you had good concerts and met your fans, because there's quite a bunch out there actually. Were you surprised by the reactions and attendance?

We are thrilled by the reaction. True DAD fans having a great time. And France is one of the nicest places to tour. Good food and wine and atmosphere. As I said : we’ll gladly come back.

I noticed that you visited the US before coming to France. How did this go? Have you managed to convince those guys?

We could tour the US more. We have quite a few fans around. But it is expensive and Europe is very nice to us at the moment. For the US tour now everything fit well for us this time, so it was great to be back touring the States.

Did you visit Disneyland while in California?

Yes, in 1988 on our first trip there. I was 21…

It's funny to see that you use this Fender Jaguar for some of the famous songs such as Sleeping..., isn't it an unusual guitar for a hard rocking band?

It´s actually a Jazz master. It looks the same. And yes it is unusual, but I am very unusual.

Does this come from your cowpunk early days?

I could not afford such a nice guitar back then.

There are lots of talks on Stig's amazing set of bass guitars, tell us about your collection and your favorite ones?

My best guitars are : Gibson ES 446, Gibson les Paul Classic, Fender Jazzmaster 1963, Gretsch Country Gentleman 1966.

Do you have a signature guitar with someone?

I'm having a guitar made by french luthier Cedric Bon. He lives in Lyon. I'm very excited to get it.

You have been releasing a Deluxe Edition of "Dic.nii.lan.daft.erd.ark" with an additional CD. Can you tell us a bit more about this and what's on the second CD?

The second CD includes live tracks from Copenhagen and acoustic versions of the new songs. 16 songs overall. Disc 1 is the regular album. The Deluxe Edition comes as a double Digipak. Worth every cent !!

Was this latest album commercially well received?

We sell less cds now, like everybody else. But streaming is going up. It´s moving forward all in all and we still were awarded gold and platinum awards in Scandinavia.

The title is prerry weird, are you still scared of running into problems with Disney?

They could ban the title if they noticed. We try to fly under the radar.

Any plans for a DVD from that tour?

We did a few takes from Copenhagen that ended on youtube. A DVD will come sometime in the future.

You guys seem to still get along pretty well together, that's certainly nice to see bands last that long, but isn't it difficult after so many years?

Yes. But if you take some days off sometimes, it helps.

D-A-D has always brought a certain dose of humour with their music. Isn't this part of your secret to last?

We have to have fun. We get bored easily. And we have a hard time taking things too seriously.

Has the fact that two brothers are in the same band ever caused any issues, between you two or with the other guys?

No. Only between the two of us I think.

Did you stay in touch with Peter? Has he really managed to become an engineer?

Peter Works for NOVO. A very succesful Danish pharmaceutical company.

There's another long lasting band from Denmark called Pretty Maids, do you guys know each other?

Yes, we bump into them sometimes. They are a funny bunch of guys. And they drink a lot more than we do…

Any other plans for D-A-D?

A release in 2014 and a European tour, and hopefully a few festivals.

Do you have a last word for the french fans? We will handle the translation don't worry :-)

Allez !!

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