Dark Funeral

Interview date

Janvier 2009




Interview Lord Ahriman

Angelus Exuro pro Eternus is your new album, it is on sale since November. What is your goal with this album?

I haven’t really set up any goals in that sense, but musically I think the goals I/we set up during the writing process was achieved. And that’s really what’s the most important I think.

Some anecdotes about the creation or/and the recording of Angelus Exuro pro Eternus?

The recording went real smooth and there were never any extraordinary things that occurred really.

You have already made a tour for the promotion of this album. Now that it is coming out, Dark Funeral has a new tour in project? You will come in France in June for the Hellfest, is it your next date in France?

Wow, where did you get that info from? We haven’t actually begun touring for this new album, but we will shortly! On March 5th, 2010 we begin a massive headlining tour throughout Europe. And there are obviously several dates in France scheduled (see dates below). I can’t wait to hit the road throughout Europe again. It feels like ages ago since we last toured here (2005/2006). And to make up for this rather long absence from our European fans, to support and celebrate the release of our latest masterpiece “Angelus Exuro pro Eternus”, we are going to bring out and offer you our biggest and most professional production yet! And as you perhaps can tell, I’m really excited about this. This will be insane! I’m also glad we have managed to put together a truly strong and musically interesting bill for this tour. And I am totally convinced that this will be a killer tour in all aspects. So raise those Metal Horns high. And we will see you in March/April!!!

On Angelus Exuro pro Eternus, there is two specials songs. First Stigmata which looks to be a leader song of this album, have you already test her in one of Dark Funeral show? Because some people are seduced by the chorus and it must make a very good effect in concert ! In second, My latex queen is a very strange title for a Dark funeral's song! What can you say about that?

No. The one and only new song we have played live so far is “My Funeral”. What other new songs we will play on the upcoming tours is still a mystery. As far as the title “Latex Queen” and the subject it deals with isn’t that stage I think. We have dealt with similar subjects ever since our “Diabolis Interium” (2001) album (aka Goddess of Sodomy).

What are your projects for Dark Funeral's future? Some changes in the band or in the music ?

Well, at this point of time our main focus lies on the up-coming European tour, so we’ll see what the future holds…

Dark Funeral may take all your time, but maybe some of you have a personal project?

Well, for me personally, who takes care of pretty much everything for the band, there’s unfortunately not much time for any side projects, but hopefully sometimes in the future. Chaq Mol has a sideproject with his wife called Mordichrist while Caligula is involved with Demonoid.

You are announced at the Hellfest, are you exited to participate to this great event? What would you do during these three days if you stay on the festival?

Yeah. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Hellfest so I’m sure it’ll be a blast to play there. Dount that we’ll stay there more than at the day we play, but usually when we play festivals I try to check out as many bands as possible.

What do you think about Dark Funeral's French fans? What is the most amazing concert that you have made in France?

We have a killer crowd in France. And I’m totally looking forward to return during our up-coming tour. I can however not recall any particular show that have been better then the other. I think we have always felt very welcome when we have played France. See you soon!!!