Interview date

19 Juillet 2010




Interview Tim Holz (by mailer)

Six years passed between the release of "Thy Kingdome Come" and "The Piper At The Gates Of Doom". What happened during this long time?

Nothing special, we were just living our lives and took the time we needed to make this album possible. But we were not working for this album constantly, we also played some gigs and we did regular rehearsals. Everything without any hurry...

Why this title, which seems to be a reference to the first Pink Floyds' album?

I love the mood that this Pink Floyd album title spreads and I felt it would be right to make it bit darker by changing the last word "dawn" into "doom". I saw very early that it will fit to our lyrics perfectly. We decided to call the album like this about three years ago. But as you can hear our music is rather less influenced by Pink Floyd.

What are the subjetcs of this new album?

It is about humanity in general. What have we become, where are we going to? Is there hope or are we doomed? When will we fall or will we be saved? Will greed, war and religion destroy mankind or are we destroyed already? This bunch of questions are asked through the whole album, so it is kind of a lyrical concept.

How was the writing process for this album?

After "Thy Kingdoom Come" we wrote the songs for this album very quickly. This process was finished at the end of 2005. We did it the old school way by throwing our ideas into the middle and worked them out. The fine tunings and the solos were made in Carsten's studio later then.

According to you, what is the biggest difference between "Thy Kingdom Come" and "The Piper At The Gates Of Doom"?

I think it's the sound especially. "Thy Kingdoom Come" is more beautiful and the "Piper" ia rather rough. We also tried to keep our kind of doom metal fresh and exciting and to leave the usual paths. I think it's not that traditional as the debut.

What is the song you like the most and makes you very proud on this album, and why?

Hard question, you know that, haha. But if I have to choose one now I would name "Sanctuary Demon" because of its massive power in the beginning and the sunshine in the middle and the destructive end.

The reviewers seem to be nice with you and this second album. Did you apprehend a little bit their reactions?

No,not really. We were curious and we still are. Actually we are a bit surprised of all these very good reviews. We are very happy and it makes us proud.

The cover is more luminous than the previous one, but there is still a veil, something "dusty". Why did you wanted this kind of effect?

This "dusty" effect is the connection to the first album. That was very important for us because the artworks are very different. And the topics, the music and the musicians in Doomshine still are the same so the people should see that this is the same band.

The voice is tortured and even plaintive as the music. But there are some melodic parts that make the music less "depressive". How do you do to mix doom and melodic parts?

Melodies and heavy, dark riffs are the most important ingredients in our music. You can see this in our bandname, too. We are playing shining doom! We are the good guys in a strange, dark world, haha.

Massacre Records seems to trust you and to give you all the time you need to work. Is it important for you to have this kind olf relation ship with your record company?

Yes, we do. They have the patience we need. If they would press us to work faster we just would write bad songs and who wants that?

Doom and Shine are two opposite. Do you think opposites attrack?

Of course. This is how our planet lives. It is movement and life, it is struggle, passion and need in a million situations. If you want to watch a movie in good quality it has to be dark and if you want to read a book you need light. You see, it's not just about good and evil. We need the sun and we need dark clouds and the rain. We are dead when we are not yearnig for these different things.

You know each other for years and years. What are the advantages and disadvantes of this situation?

Only advantages for us. We know what we want and what we don't want. If we're not sure about this we can discuss. If we disagree we drink some beer and talk later. I hardly believe that there will be no more Doomshine if one of these four members will quit.

I guess in Germany, ad in France, it's not easy to live on your music. How do you reconcile your two lives?

We just have ONE life, Doomshine is part of it. It is not our aim to make money with Doomshine, it's our passion and friendship and that makes it very easy for us.

Do you think we will have to wait six years again for a third album?

I really don't know. It's a hell of a long time. I wish I could say that in two years there will be another Doomshine album but I can't do that. Maybe it takes two years but maybe it takes seven years, I don't know.

What can we wish for your future?

Good ideas and fast working on the third album, haha.

A final word?

Thank you so much for the interview and thank you all for buying the "Piper". Spread good music and be open minded. And we hope that French football will be better on the next championship... Shine on French angels!!!