For The Imperium

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10 Avril 2012




Interview Ville (by e-mail)

Hello Ville, thank you for accepting this interview for the webzine Can you introduce the band members for us?

This is Ville answering the questions behind the guitar. The other crazy dudes are: Jyri (bass and dreadlocks), Hakim (vocals and strategy games) and Tuomas (drums and cross-country skiing).

Why this name, For The Imperium?

We're fighting for the whole empire. For everyone out there. Nuff said!

What's the group's path since its creation?

Well, a lot of gigs since 2009, a few self-financed EPs and finally the debut album. Oh, and I gotta mention: a LOT of training between 2009 and the present moment…

For The Imperium's music is highly varied, rich and unpredictable. How would you define it, yourself?

I dread the fact that I have to try to label our music but here goes: progressive rock/metal with a twist of hardcore, pop and electro.

When I discovered the album, I was impressed by Hakim (I think that he's already a great Metal singer), and by the instrumental technique, impressive but never boring. I feel like asking you if the group is aware that this album is a masterpiece?

I don't know if I could describe it as a masterpiece myself and not sound like a total asshole :D but we're still very pleased with the album, although our minds are already set to the next one.

Have you got some influences in the group? From which groups do you feel close to?

The influences vary as our music is complex. I can't speak for the other guys but lately I've been listening to Jay-Z's Black Album, HIM's "Screamworks", Brad Paisley's latest album and Veronica Maggio's "Satan i Gata"n. We don't feel that close to any group out there but I love what Sikth did with their metal. "Death of a Dead Day" is still one of my favorite albums of all time.

For me, the album is fantastic. Are you completely satisfied with this first album?

We're very satisfied but I think you can never be completely satisfied with anything you do, right? Like I said earlier, we're already working on the next one.

What was the writing process?

We like to work in pairs. So, two of us get together to make a song and when it's done to a point, others contribute. Eventually, we hit the studio to record the songs. I guess it's as simple as with any other rock band out there.

I find the sound on the album perfect, powerful and precise. What was the recording process?

It was all about trying out different gear, methods and what not. When we found something useful, we went with it. We as a band knew what we wanted but our co-producer and sound engineer John Huikka is the man who made the vision into an actual sound. Big ups to that guy.

Who took care of the artwork, which is perfectly in line with the band's universe?

Her name is Maria "Bifu" Ahonen and she just gets us and got what we were after. 

What do you think about the group evolution since its debut?

We're always evolving and always trying to think new perspectives. We're trying to make a new sound that is ours, a new genre altogether. Time will show if we will succeed.

What can we expect when going to see For The Imperium in concert?

Total chaos matched with total control? No but seriously, we're just trying to send a huge amount of energy and adrenaline from the stage and hope to get something back.

What about the near and more distant future of For The Imperium?

Well, we're heading to the studio this summer to record new songs. We're also doing some Finnish festivals and trying to work out a way to do gigs in Europe. So, a lot is happening. Stay tuned!

What do you think about the Finn's Metal scene?

There's a strong scene here in Finland but there really hasn't been anything new in for a while now. I'm not sure if For The Imperium is actually categorized as a metal band here in Finland.

Do you know the French Metal scene? What groups do you like?

I love Gojira's "The Way Of All Flesh"! It was one the best albums in 2008. 

What do you listen ro these days? What was the last album you enjoyed?

I probably answered to this question also with question 6. Oops! Sorry ;)

Thanks for this interview Ville, you have the last words for our readers!

The summer is already on our doorsteps so have fun, take care of yourselves and loved ones and remember to use a rubber! Cheers!

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