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20 Juillet 2012




Interview Steve et Chris (by mail)

Hi Guys and thanks for taking some time to talk to us, we are the French webzine AuxPortesDuMetal.

Steve (guitars) / Chris (drums): Merci, for showing interest!

Your first album was released worldwide on July, 13th 2012, what can you tell us about it? What is the meaning of this album?

Chris: The meaning of this album is not only to spread a bunch of nice tunes combined with some catchy hooks and a kick-ass-metal-sound but also to fuse our main influences together to create a new fresh sound and a unique piece of music.

Steve: It is our first album together that was released via Massacre Records. So for all four of us it is also something like a starting-signal into everything that is coming up next.

What are your favorite songs on it?

Chris: I don’t have a special one. But my favorite songs on this album definitely are “Go To Hell”, “Double Dealer” and “Never Gonna Stop” because I prefer the harder stuff.

Steve: I love all of them because there is so much blood, energy and diversity through the whole album.

Did you enjoy working in studio?

Steve: Yes of course, I enjoyed it every day. Even it can be really tough hanging around with Chris, Gunnar and Pierre 24/7. I mean, how much better can it be? Getting up early, warm up for almost two hours and then shred my guitars for the rest of the day. Awesome!

Chris: And with our producer Mirko Hofmann we found someone who was able to talk the Helldorados language. He works very concentrated and knows how to motivate us to get the best possible results. That made our working attitude so great.

Will we see you on stage in any festival this summer?

Steve: Right now we are very busy with the promotion of the album. So we are playing a special press showcase at this year Wacken Open Air but that is it for festivals this year. Hey, but invite us to your beautiful country and we might play some more here.

Is there a tour coming?

Chris: We would love to tour France and hopefully we’re getting there soon. Your crowd is so into it. Excellent!

Steve: To organize a full-length European Tour it takes a lot of effort and good partners. But I promise we are working on it.

Since 2007 there have been hard times for the band, are you now fully satisfied of it?

Both: Yes (laughing). Seriously the atmosphere between the four of us couldn’t be any better.

Do you always get along well together?

Chris: We’re arguing a lot when we write new songs but I guess that doesn’t count.

Steve: We always have a immense time at rehearsal. We almost see each other every day. Everyone of us lives close so it’s almost like a family. We are all individuals and we do have our own mind, but we fit together very well.

Are you already thinking about your next album?

Steve: We've been writing new stuff for a few months. My mind never runs dry.

Is there any other new or solo project from band members you want to talk about?

Steve: (silence)… Well yes, it's a secret project of Chris and myself. It will include only drums and vocals and we both play all the instruments. The drumming will be some kind of Swing, Bebop, Blastbeat and Electro. The voice will imitate animal voices. We'll record in an old butcher's shop. (both laughing).

Chris: Imagine that kind of shit.

Do you have something to say to the people who download your music illegally?

Chris: No comment.

Steve: I mean, how can you steal something that took so much effort to create? Pierre is really into that whole business thing and he could probably write a whole book about it. It is really easy: people download music illegally, just because it is possible. That's simple! I don’t know if our digital natives can relay to the hard and long work of writing and recording a whole album. I can’t judge people who download music illegally but I think music is still something worth. Just think about it how every leisure entertainment got more expensive during the last couple years, except for the music.

And finally, do you want to say something special to our readers?

Both: Plusieurs, merci pour l'intérêt. Va dehors et achète l'album. Nous sommes avec vous!

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