Interview date

31 Mai 2010




Interview Jonsu (by phoners)

It's pretty much unexpected to know you have signed with Nuclear Blast. How did you get this deal with them?

The first time we met them was during the European tour with Nightwish. The guys said they like what we were playing and they were interesting in the band. And they have a really strong passion and a strong believes in us. That's why we sign the deal.

What is the subject of this album?

The whole album is about freedom. The album is collecting small stories about people who are inapt with real situations in their lives and what kind of world they invent to survive. It's also about escaping the mind, and getting free. So freedom is a general theme in this album that's why we wanted to use the same kind of images in the visual things like keys and doors.

How did you choose the songs which are on "A Way Away"?

It was a lot of fighting, screaming (Laughs). It was really hard; everybody had her ultimate favourite song and we had a lot of fans demands and mails where they were saying "you have to do this song or this song". At the end, we had about twenty-five songs and we were still like "no, no, no, we have to do this song!". In the end, thanks God, we found the solution. After a couple of weeks of reflection, we think it's a perfect album now.

How did you rewrite the texts?

I read some lyrics and poets of a Canadian poet, Rory Winston and I wanted to work with him. I ask him if he would like to be involved in this project and I started to work with him. And we did all the lyrics again, because we needed it, it's impossible to do a translation. You can't translate poetry or lyrics, you would loose too much. So we rewrite the lyrics, then we produced and totally rearrange the album, because I wanted it to take a range on the production. I wanted the production to be a big step forward for us.

What are the main differences between writing in Finnish and in English?

I would say the biggest difference is in the rhythm, because the rhythm, the flow and the groove of the languages are totally different. So it changes the all mood of songs. So I would say the all flow of the language.

The orchestrations have been reworked. Why did you change that part too?

Because some of the songs were pretty old. And of course, nowadays, we are much, much wiser (Laughs) and we wanted to add fresh and better ideas to the songs. We also work with Tuomas Holopainen, and we spent many nights and many days talking about songs and different approaches and we wanted extra-drama so that's why we put big orchestra sounds. And we wanted it to be a little more in a movie-style.

Do you consider this album as a real one or more as a revisited "greatest hits"?

Oh no, no, I don't see this album as a "greatest hits", because some songs are really different. First, when we decided to do this album, we were thinking that we would do a completely new album. Then we have toured in Europe and we do many shows, and people were really asking that we do some versions of songs we played there and they can understand. We also wanted to recreate the songs so that's why we decided there was no space on this album for new songs. But definitely, the next album will be totally new. But in the end, I would say, it was much harder to work on the old songs and try to do everything better because, it's a never-ending road. (Laughs).

What do you expect with the release of this album?

What do I expect? I don't know. At least, so far, we had great time and really interesting night adventures with this album. Now we are in Paris and last week we were in Italy, Finland and Germany. So it's a lot of travelling around and I hope this album will bring a lot of joy and hope to people because that's our main reason to do the music.

You album has been reviewed in few metal webzine, and people liked it. How do you explain that metalheads appreciate your music?

(Laughs). Well, it's nice that they like it. I don't know, there were always people with long hair and who are more metal in our shows. I think there is no such a big difference and in the end, people are not so far from each other and with different band, they can have the same feeling. And maybe it's because we have some parts of guitars...

According to you, does "A Way Away" will be a turning point in your writing process?

Oh yeah, it will be because we had five albums now in Finland and one compilation. And now, we feel that it's time to go out and also travelled in different countries and make people enjoy our music around. So the next album will be in English too. And I don't think it's impossible to write in Finnish again and do an album in Finnish and English in the future.

Your producer is Tuomas Holopainen, some fans are afraid he will have too many influences on your music and you will loose your identity. What do you have to answer to that?

I know. I remember when we announced in the magazine in Finland that we will work with Tuomas, some were really afraid like "oh, oh, oh, what is going to happen?!" But for me, a producer, even a really good producer as Tuomas who was like a sixth member in the band... I don't see a producer as someone who is coming from the outside and who says "ok, do this thing like this, we have to change this". The main work of a producer is to understand the persons, the soul of the band and the songs, and even make it stronger. And also to get the best out of all the players and all the people in the band. So I think Tuomas really succeed in it and had great ideas, but I had never seen our music so close to Nightwish music. But the things that can remind you Nightwish are maybe the orchestrations in some songs, but I think it would have been different if Tuomas had composed it. We have always done our music and it's really impossible to change the original soul of the songs. We only work with people we really feel great for our music.

You don't let the power to another person.

Oh no, you can't! Because, you know, it's like when you have a kid. I know, as a composer, I'm little stubborn and one day, Tuomas even told me I'm the most stubborn person he had ever met. (Laughs). It was a shock for me because I thought he had met many people who were really stubborn. (Laughs). But you know, as he is also a composer, he is also stubborn when it's about his songs.

You filmed a video-clip for "In Passing". Do you have some stories to tell about the shooting?

We were doing it with Patric Ullaeus. It was really an interesting and nice experience. And also, it was really cute that they were many small red hair girls (laughs). They were all here as "Jonsus' little sister" and Patric told me they were many redhead girls. I hope that, if they had colour their hair, they will get it the way, because it's pretty hard to get away, and then a lot of them will be orange in this summer. But it was nice to work with him. We worked with him the first time, and we will ask him also for "Islands of Lights" which is not published yet. But, when we will release the album, there will be a digipack including DVD and CD, and there will be the videos too.

During your tour with Nightwish, you acquired a new success all over Europe. How did you deal with this sudden reputation?

I don't know. I don't see this. Whatever if it's in all Europe, when we worked in Finland, we already tour and release album during seven years. I don't see that the world is changing. Going in Europe was just travelling in new places, and meeting new people. But in the end, the red line is the same. You want to touch people and you want to give something. I don't know, even if in Finland there is not this kind of culture, people are not running after you. People can live it pretty peacefully. Sometime they ask if they can talk to us, or if we can sign some autographs, but, in the end, it's really peaceful in Finland. It was nice to travelled around, met people, but I don't see how my life changed.

You are together since 2001, there were no line-up changes during all these years. How do you explain your stability since the beginning of Indica?

They have been crisis of course in the band. It's like a marriage with the other girls. Sometimes, we had bad times, but had good times too. We have a really strong friendship and strong love. And even though you think, "Oh, it's the most awful girl I have ever met" we have to overcome this, and work together. And I love the girls, even though sometimes, we are in bad mood, it doesn't matter. I still feel it's getting more exciting every day.

Even if "A Way Away" isn't release yet, do you have some ideas for the next album?

Yeah. I started to think about it. But I think we need some time to discuss, to know in which direction we want to go. I'm sure we will do it in the end of that summer. At this point, I'm looking for free day; I didn't have one for a long time. I love this work, it's the best thing ever, but I need one free day. The reason why I really need this free day is because I went home from Germany and I have to do one TV show in Finland. I saw all the bills and I couldn't open the bills last months, and they were saying like "ok, we will take your house, you will have to live under the bridge." I totally forgot to pay all the bills, and people need one day sometimes, to have a normal life, otherwise, I will be in trouble and I will live under the bridge soon.

What are your wishes for Indicas' future?

Indicas' future... My biggest wish is to create all the music we can together... I don't know... Of course it's interesting to go in new places to reach more people. That's it. I really believe that the music as a real strong power and it can make a big difference for the people. Because, every time in my life when I was in trouble, I felt that somehow, the music had always saved my life. I hope it can bring the same thing for people.

You are in Paris today and you will meet some fans this afternoon...

Oh yeah! We just came here, we had this photoshoot and, it is this interview and then we will meet some French fans. It's really great!

What is the importance for you to meet you fans?

It's really important. It's the reason why we do the music. Fans are the ones who make it possible.

To conclude this interview, what can you say to convince people to listen to "A Way Away"?

(Hesitation). Convince people... (Laughs) I don't know, I'm really bad to convince people to listen to our music. I hope they will make their own judgement. And of course, I just hope it's gonna bring a lot of love and joy to people.