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25 Janvier 2012


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Interview Henny Wolter (by mailer)

Hi Henny. So, after recently playing with Primal Fear, here you are in Nitrogods, a band with a completely different style. Were you tired of playing traditional power metal?

No. I wasn´t tired of playing power metal. I was tired of being in Primal Fear. It just didn´t feel like a band anymore. I prefer playing in real band, so I founded Nitrogods with my friends Klaus and Oimel. We play the music that we love. And that is simple full throttle Rock'n' Roll.

How did the idea for this band come to life? You had played with Klaus in Primal Fear before, but how did you meet Oimel Larcher?

I´ve played with Klaus and Oimel before just for fun on some Biker-Parties. Klaus has played with Oimel long before he joined Primal Fear. They´ve known each other for more than 15 years. Klaus introduced me to Oimel and I had to have him for Nitrogods.

Your guitar sound and playing are very different from what you did in Primal Fear. Do you feel more like a Rock’n’Roll guitar player or a Heavy Metal guitar player?

I´ve always been a Rock'n'Roll guitarist. This is the type of music I was raised on. I even tried adding a little Rock'n'Roll to PF when I was in it.

The first thing that comes to mind when we listen to the album is that a part of it is really reminiscent of Motörhead. Aren’t you a bit scared that some people might blame Nitrogods for sounding too much like this band?

I can imagine worse than being compared to Motörhead. And I haven´t met anybody yet who thinks Airbourne sucks for sounding like AC/DC. So I can live with the fact that we sound like Motörhead on a couple of tracks.

How did you find the name for the band?

We all enjoy fast cars, bikes and races. The name refers to the nitro injected in drag engines on the race strip. We feel our music should sound like these cars.

Were the three of you involved in the writing process?

Yes. We all were working on the songs in the basement of Oimel’s house. He´s got a practice room there and we wrote almost all of the stuff together down there.

Is Nitrogods a real band with possible future albums and tours or more like a fun project on the side?

It sure is fun, but it´s not a project. It´s a real band of friends and I have no other plans than to dedicate all of my time and love to this little three-piece.

Back to your tastes as a guitar player, have you turned your back on traditional heavy metal or are you still open for opportunities, like playing with Primal Fear again in the future?

I am open to all kinds of good, ass kickin´music, but I will surely never return to PF or Sinner.

Will you take Nitrogods on the road in the months to come? Is there a possibility for a European tour?

We are working hard to set up some European touring. This music needs to be played live. I can tell by the reactions of the shows we played so far.

On tour, will you stick to the trio formula you have on the record or will you hire a second guitar player to make more noise?

No. We will play the way we are. The only guest we might have on a couple of dates is a blues harp player to join in on a couple of songs.

A last question about touring. Will the line-up be the same? Klaus is currently involved in Freedom Call and they’ve got a new album out too.

Fortunately we share the same booking agency as FC. So they have to make sure there are no double dates.

You have two special guests on the album, Dan Mc Cafferty from Nazareth and Fast Eddie Clarke from Motörhead. How did this happen and how was it to collaborate with these legends?

I got to know Dan during the annual “Rock meets Classic” Tour 2010. I played guitar for him, Lou Gramm and Bobby Kimball. Dan was my favourite guy. Always hanging with the band and the crew, drinking by the hotel bar. I asked him to sing a song for my new band and he said he´d do it for free if he liked the song. I sent him Whiskey Wonderland and he flew to Hannover and sang it. It´s the perfect song for his voice and he obviously enjoyed doing it. Eddie Clarke had played a couple of charity shows with Oimel and Klaus before. When Oimel asked him to play on our album he spontaneously agreed.

If you had to choose other artists for your next record, who would you love to play with?

There are so many to list. We´ll have to see who is available at the time and if we have the right song for whoever might join us on the next album.

Were there songs that you composed and were not recorded for the album or is everything on it?

We didn´t put 2 songs on the album that we considered not strong enough for a debut.

The obvious Motörhead influence put apart, what were your other sources of inspiration for Nitrogods? Who are your Rock’n’Roll heroes?

We like it simple and raw. Our favourites besides Motörhead are Rose Tattoo, ZZ Top, Status Quo and AC/DC.

If someone not very familiar with this style of music liked Nitrogods and came to you asking for the best albums in the same vein, which ones would you tell him (or her) to get?

My favourite Motörhead albums are the ones of the Fast Eddie, Philthy Taylor Era. So my advice would be to get those albums plus some vintage Status Quo. The Blue for you album and the Live album are the best.

What’s next for you? Have you got any other projects besides Nitrogods?

No side projects for me. We are already starting to write for the next Nitrogods album.

A last word for your future French fans?

I feel we´ve kind of lost touch to the French audience the past couple of years. The last well attended shows I played in France were with Thunderhead. That´s very long ago. I had the impression that France was not too interested in metal. Who knows... things might be better for Nitrogods, I believe. I have received an unusual lot of positive resonance from France on Nitrogods. Hope to see you on tour as always :)

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