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10 Janvier 2012


Blaster of Muppets


Interview Ralf Scheepers (by mailer)

So, you’re back with a brand new album called Unbreakable. It seems to be a return to an earlier straightforward form of heavy metal. What can you tell us about it?

It is a certain kind of return to the very basics where we came from, yes. This vibe and kind of metal was always in our music. We have just experimented a bit more or less on different albums. You can really hear all the experience we have had over the years in terms of writing and playing live on Unbreakable.

Did everybody participate in the writing of the new album?

Everybody was involved, except Randy, yes…

You’ve made a video for “Bad Guys Wear Black”. Will you release another single and make another video out of Unbreakable?

As far as I know right now, no. But we have a great offer to do another clip from a buddy of the band who produces films… we will see what happens…

There have always been some changes in the line-up of the band; do you feel you have reached some stability with Alex and Magnus on the guitars now?

We always hope and want to be stable you know. But there are certain things going on in everybody’s lives which need a change and that hasn’t always got something to do with a bad vibe or a bad feeling….we are all evolving and sometimes it’s just not possible to continue doing music for some people. And we respect that!

We already knew there were some problems with Tom Naumann, and that Stefan Leibing had to leave to spend more time with his family and his job… What happened with Henny Wolter who was in the band, left it, came back and left again?

Same thing. He wanted to do a different style of music with his close friends… Nothing to add…

Back to Unbreakable. Why not pursue the evolution started with Seven Seals or New Religion? Those albums were so cool and a bit more daring and different! Is it because you enjoy classic heavy metal more or because you felt that this style was what people expected from Primal Fear?

We always do what we love to do in the first place. And we are Metalheads, which doesn’t mean we don’t dare to go into different pathways of music experiments sometimes, here and there…. The good thing is that our fans have always understood the music we’ve released and they are quite tolerant too when it comes to adapt to those experiments we are trying here and there… And I think our experiments are not so far away from what we have always done, so it’s quite acceptable…

What songs from the new album would you like to include in the setlist of the next tour?

We will see… It’s a bit too early for a setlist but I’m sure there will be six or seven songs from the new album…

Talking about touring, have you got a possible European tour coming soon?

There are negotiations going on right now between the promoters and our booking agency and I’m sure we will be out there around March/April next year.

Do you know if you’ll be able to play in France? Unfortunately, the last times you were supposed to play in Paris, the dates were cancelled.

It’s not our fault and problem if there is a mafia of promoters doing their thing in France! I’m just very sorry for the fans who love to see their bands! Ask certain promoters why this is happening! And I’m sure you will not get an honest answer!

Would you consider surprising your fans with the next setlist and play songs you haven’t played for quite some time?

We are always open for changes and we will see what we come up with…

Unbreakable put aside, which Primal Fear albums are your favourite records and why?

That’s a tough question! If you have nine children, which one would you love the most? Uhmmm? I think Seven Seals stands out a bit but I like all of our albums…

Do you plan to do some dates to play your solo album released last year, or is all your time taken by Primal Fear?

I can say that there is nothing planned to do this… My top priority is Primal Fear and we have a lot of work to do in 2012! Which is good work! :)

Are there any other projects or solo albums to come from members of Primal Fear?

So far no…:-)

Some of you are involved in the Rock Meets Classic Tour? Can you tell us a bit more about it?

It’s a fantastic event with great musicians and an outstanding symphony orchestra from Prague. We will perform all classic tracks of the participants. The following stars will be involved: Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) – Jimi Jamison (Survivor) – Steve Lukather (Toto) – Chris Thompson (Manfred Mans Earth Band) – Robin Beck

What’s next for Primal Fear in the year to come?

We will do a huge World Tour again in 2012, everybody is really looking forward to it.

A message for your French Fans?

We would love to play there again! It’s not up to us if it doesn’t happen…. Heavy X-mas and a metal new year!

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