Sarah Jezebel Deva

Interview date

Février 2010




Interview Sarah Jezebel Deva

If I'm right, you wanted to release your solo album for a long time. How do you feel now your wish is coming true?

I think it's just a case of I want to do music. It doesn't matter what form it comes in, a band, solo or whatever, I just wanne do music. I have so much fan support that I have a lot of emails every day saying "When will you do a solo album" or "When will you do more music". So this album, it's kinda for the fans.

Did you work alone for "A Sign of Sublime" or did the musicians help you for the composition?

There are a lot of people involved in this. Ken, the guitarist, he is from the USA, Ohio and this is the first album he has ever done. Other people who added the finishing touches were Martin Powell, ex "Anathema"/"My Dying Bride" and also Chris Rehn, "Abyssos" and "Angtoria". They added so much atmosphere with their keyboards and programming. Dave Pybus, ex "Anathema"/"Cradle of Filth" on bass and Max Blunos, ex "Trigger The Bloodshed" on drums. Max was added last minute and I am so happy he wanted to do it because he is an amazing drummer. I wrote all my lyrics and of course I come up with all my harmonies and melodies.

What were your inspirations when you wrote this album?

You know, I do not think inspirations have anything to do with it when you write. You just write music you like and then add sections that fit. We dont all sit down and say "We must sound like this" or "we must be like this band"... When you are inspired by a band, you run the risk of sounding too much like them and being accused of ripping a band off. With this album, most people involved didn't know each other, so no one worked together, as in the guitars were done in the USA, so then Dave Pybus would listen to the finished guitars then add his parts..... I suppose we all have our own style of playing and the on inspiration we have is to be good people and good musicians.

Does your experiences in the different bands you played with helped you for this album?

Yeah, actually, everyone is as equal as the next person. There are no ego's, no bullshit and no lie's or back stabbing! For now, everything is perfect! I refuse to have ANYONE involved in this who has an ego and is a rock star. I also, because of my treatment in the passed, will make sure everyone knows what is going on at all times. No hidding the truth. No stupid scams to boost record sales. I am not into that.

Do you think you will surprise the listeners with the universe you created in "A Sign Of Sublime" and according to you what is the most surprising in this album?

I hope so. See I wanted to do an album that was different and I think this is different. Some parts have a Black Metal edge, some are just metal, there are a few "Rock" moments and then there are epic, movie score style songs and then a piano song. It's not for narrow minded people, it is for people who like many styles of music. All I hope is that people give it a chance and listen without prejudice. We all worked hard and it wasnt an easy journey for some of us ;)

You must have written more than nine songs for this album. Wasn't it hard to choose between all the songs and how did you do this choice?

No, we didn't. Nine songs is the perfect album length, its not too long and its not too short. if you are honest, how many people really do reach it to the end of the album without getting bored? I have had this conversation with so so many people, especially if the album sounds the same from start to finish. We did however do a cover song, which is on the digi pack! :)

"The Devils' Opera" make think about film music, as a music composing by Danny Elfman. How did you work for this very special song?

So I gather you like it then ;) It seems a lot of people love this song! I am happy about that. Chris Rehn and I did this song a few years ago in Sundsvall, Sweden. It was for when I started my solo album before Angtoria and I wanted to have it released because I love the song so much. I had to do a few vocal touch ups but it was more of less ready to go!

You did a video clip for "A Sign of Sublime". How was the shooting?

Great... long day but easy. The film crew were there very early in the morning, setting up and there is a lot of waiting around. It was a very warm day and we were shooting on a farm with stables for horses. I wanted something that was dark and the stables worked well. We didn't however play as a whole band just because I wanted to do it different. We had a low budgets and you just have to use your brain. Things also never go as planned. But thanks to David Kenny, he made the video look much higher budget than it was. He worked so so hard on it, it should have cost about €12,000 but it didn't. It wasn't a case of putting the shots together, there is so much going on behind the scenes. I am proud of it! And I feel lucky.

Will you do a tour to promote this album? And if yes, how will you choose the songs you will play?

Yes I will tour. Songs? No idea... The metal ones and a few Angtoria tracks... its only fair, fans have waited a long time to hear some Angtoria tunes ;)

Dave Pybus is your bass player. He is also in Cradle of Filth and Angtoria. You are inseparable?! ;-)

I was with him yesterday actually and I told him this and he laughed. I suppose in a way, yes. We do not see each other much but we are both "Anti Bullshit". "Anti Ego". We are very close and talk a lot and we just work well together. He has been a some top profile bands and worked in a record company, so getting to see what goes on behind the scenes, you soon realize there are a lot of arseholes out there and your tolerance levels get lower and lower the older you get, so me and Dave are totally on the same page and we click. We laugh a lot and joke a lot and I want him with me because he is a pro and well.... I support him and he supports me. Ok, reading back now, makes it look like we should be in a relationship together haha... he is too young for me ;) He is one of my best friends and the first person I go to if I need advice. Everyone needs someone who is going to tell you the truth and not make the truth look pretty to save your feelings. He says it how it is!

As you leave Cradle of Filth, do you think you will play with other bands or will you focus on your own projects?

Now it is all about me and what I want to do and be. People think because you have been in Cradle of Filth, you are rich, it's so funny. Money wise and material wise, I have nothing because I have allowed others to take so much from me. But I have come to realized material things mean NOTHING any more. Example... A man who has no friends, is hated and cheats everyone but has a nice car and house, compared to me who is happy, has a loving relationship and rents an apartment and struggles to pay the bills? I know who I would rather be and you learn so much as you get older. I would rather be poor and happy than rich and unhappy. What ever comes my way, I will review it and decide then but nothing is ever set in stone.

Can we have some news about Angtorias' future? Will you release another album?

There isn't much to tell right now but yes, there will be another album. Chris and I talk about it a lot but he is busy building his business and we have to respect that. He has a family to support. Music wont last you forever, well, unless you're Metallica ;) You need to plan for your future but we haven't lost sight. Angtoria is very important to us and will always be. Hopefully something will happen this year :)

To your mind, what are the differences between releasing an album under your name and an album under the name of a band (even a band you created)?

I am in full control and I am alone in all the choice making which is very very hard. I know a lot about the music scene but once it's only you that signs that contract, you are alone and hope no one will fuck you over. In a band, you work as a band, you have support, you work as a team, with this, its just little old me. But I am lucky because Mark, who owns Rising Records, I have known him for years, so I know he will try his best for me and be there if I have problems. Its the same with a lot of people around, Amund from Kovenant, Chris Rehn from Angtoria and Dave Pybus from Cradle of Filth, they ALL have professional experience, be it with owning a record company or owning a business, so they all advise me and tell me what they think I should do and I listen! It's good to have people who look out for u really. Also, ALL the pressure is on me for this album, because I was the one who had the vision, the people who played on it, do their part then go home and the connection is over. It's then down to me to be judged! Oh the joy ha ha... Hopefully I made the right choices, I certainly believed I worked with some amazing people.

You sing on albums since 1993, so you began seventeen years ago. How do you imagine the next twenty years?

Probably the same. Once music is in the blood, it never goes away. So sorry guys ha ha... But I do have to put ME first, which is something I have never really done. I have spent so many years working for other people and putting money in their pockets, I really have nothing to show for it and that is the truth, so things must change because one day, it wont be just about me, it will be about my future children.

You participated to many albums of different bands, you created your band, and you will release your album... So now, what do you want to do for your career?

Just sing! Play shows and be happy. That's all I ever wanted. I want to start playing bass again and my main love is Black Metal, so I would love to write a Black Metal album, REAL Black Metal like Mysticum or Darkthrone. So that is on my list

Excepting the music, do you have others plans for the future?

Outside of music, I just wanna be happy, have a family, which is being talked about between my boyfriend and I. So my future involves a lot of building our relationship and music.

Finally, what do you have to say to your fans?

Thank you, for all the support. Without the support, us musicians wouldnt be here! I hope you buy the album and love it too :)