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08 Septembre 2012


Blaster of Muppets


Interview Cormac, Paul and Micky (face to face)

Hi and thanks for answering these questions for Aux Portes Du Metal. You've just got a brand new deal with Napalm Records, how did this come up?

Cormac : The previous deal had run its course. We had been thinking about who we wanted to go with and what we wanted to achieve for the next couple of years and then Napalm Records approached us, they made us an offer, they came to Belfast, we sat down and they told us about their vision, about how they wanted to make a crossover, you know because they’re more a metal label…

Yes, exactly, bands on that label are more into heavy, thrash or brutal metal so I was a bit surprised when I heard you joined them.

Cormac : Yes, that’s what we thought…So they told us about this change and that they needed a band to embody this crossover and they wanted us to be that band. Everything they said head home and sounded like we were gonna be getting on board with a passionate team… And some of their bands are doing really well, you know like Alestorm or Devil Driver, they know how to develop a band and get them to where they need to be. And their offer was just too good to refuse. It all seemed to make sense.

There’s a new album planned for 2013. What can you tell us about it today?

Micky : Well, it rules (laughs)! Actually, we’ve been trying to record it live as well to capture that energy you’ve just seen on stage. We’re working hard everyday of the week, we’re writing lots of songs. We’ve got about ten or twelve songs so far. But we’ve still got some time in front of us, we’ve got until Christmas to get it done.

Have you got a title for the album?

Micky : Not yet. But we’ve got a big black board on the wall, we’re writing ideas.

All your previous albums had generous limited editions; will it be the case once again?

Micky : Well, maybe Napalm will come up with some exciting ideas (laughs). Well, yeah, sure, we like to do that, as a music fan myself, I like to buy things with some extra-material.

You recently played the song “Rise” with an orchestra back in Ireland, what was it like, did you enjoy the experience?

Paul : It was kind of a “once in a lifetime” experience. We’ve always been very passionate about that song even though it was not released on our first album. It was pretty special, and it’s been documented. You can have the “Rise” EP, now, and there’s the video on our website…

Is “one foot in the 70’s, the other in the 90’s” a description of the band that still fits today and for the future album?

Cormac : We’re just a Rock’n’Roll band, we do what we do (laughs)… I don’t know about that…

Paul: Yeah, but it’s true we don’t sound like a band from the 80’s. We grew up in the 90’s listening to bands like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins…

You’ve released a DVD “412 days of Rock’n’Roll” which was recorded during your world tour with AC/DC and was part documentary, part live… Are you planning another one with a full headlining show this time?

Micky : Good idea! (laughs)

Cormac : We tend to document what we do as much as we can. There’s no plan set in stone right now, but when we’re finished recording the next album, we’ll think about it.

Micky : We have recorded shows so far, and we’ve got some quality footage, so we’ll probably do something in the future.

Talking about AC/DC, now you’ve toured with these legends, what band would be the ultimate dream band to tour with?

Paul : Hmm… We’ve kind of done them (laughs). We’ve never played with Van Halen, that would be nice.

Micky : Soundgarden, that would be cool. They’ll have a new album soon, I’m a big fan, I’d love that…

What memories do you keep from your last concert in Paris at La Maroquinerie?

Cormac : It was great! The first time we played in that venue, we were part of a bill very Indie Rock oriented, there were three other bands, and the band after us had a cello player… we played a very short set in front of… thirty people, I guess. We were the only real rock band… Last time, it was really great. To be on that same stage… But this time, it was full, and people had come for us, the atmosphere was excellent…

Are there more live shows coming in Europe?

Cormac : We’ll tour with Gotthard in Switzerland at the end of the year. And then, in 2013, when the album is out, we’ll be touring again.

What three songs from your band would you recommend to someone who still doesn’t know The Answer and would like to have a try?

Paul: One each? I’d say… “Under The Sky”

Micky: “Comfort Zone”

Cormac: “Waste Your Tears”

How is your day at the Raismes Fest going at the moment? What bands would you like to watch while you’re here?

Cormac: We’ve only arrived. We were in the studio last night. We left this morning, we arrived one hour before the gig… we had time to play our show and now, we’re gonna enjoy the rest of the day.

Now, about the name of the band… If you are the answer, can we at least know what the question was? :)

Cormac : No. When you know, you’ll know… (laughs)

Paul : It’s just a name…

Cormac : or is it just a name? (laughs)

A word to your French Fans?

Cormac : Sure! Keep believing in what we do, what we stand for, we’ve really appreciated the support we’ve had… And, you know, I’m not bullshitting you when I say French audience is one of the most enthusiastic rock audiences we’ve ever played in front of… So, if you keep on inviting us, we’ll be back many times in the future…

Well, if you keep on making good music, that shouldn’t be a problem…

Cormac : Ok, that’s a deal! We’ve got a deal! (laughs)

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