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07 Aout 2012




Interview Hans Rutten (by mailer)

Hi and thanks for taking some time to talk to us, we are the French webzine AuxPortesdumetal. So what can you tell us about your new album "Disclosure"? What is the meaning of this album?  

I think "Disclosure" is the most personal album we've ever made, musically but also lyrically. And it's more a unity. We wanted to write more epic songs, also flirt/experiment a bit more with electronics and loops. A sort of marriage between electronic and organic sounds (organic like real trumpets and violins/viola & cello). We had a clear idea what to do during the writing process of "Disclosure". We felt a lot of freedom writing "Disclosure", no commercial pressure, so we could work on every aspect of the album, and work very detailed. René did the production of the album agail, and of course he grew as well.

On your new single "Meltdown", we can hear a new voice. How was it for Frank to sing? Did he enjoy it? Will he do it again?

If Frank wants to make another vocal contribution that he and we all like, I hope it will happen. But we have to wait and see what happens on the next album;-)

What are your favorite songs on the album?

It differs from day to day! Right now I love "Paralyzed" and "I Can See Four Miles".

What can you tell us about your influences? What inspires you to write/compose music?

The first song we wrote was Heroes For Ghosts, two years ago, and that particular song inspired us to write new songs. So in fact we inspired ourselves. We were really into writing longer, more epic/atmospherical songs. It felt like we had to this after The West Pole. The Gathering has been inspired from day one by bands on the 4AD label, as well as the more experimental rock/metal bands. But we do have our own sound.  

Did you enjoy working in the studio?

Very much! We have our own studio and we spend a lot of hours recording, arranging, editing, etc. This creative part is one of the best parts being in a band. To give birth to an idea, a song. We've always liked working in the studio.  

In 2009 you finally found Silje who has been your singer since then, are you now fully satisfied of your band?   

This time Silje was way more involved with the songwriting and recording as well. She did such an excellent job and I am really proud of her and what she did. It was not an easy task, but she did it, and you can hear she feels 100% comfortable with The Gathering as we are today.  

Do you have any news from Anneke van Giersbergen? Are you in good terms with her?

I do know she's busy but unfortunately we've lost real contact. Once in a blue moon, we email each other.  

Your band has existed since 1989, that's quite a long career! How do you consider it now?

As a great trip! I am very proud of all the things we achieved, all the things we did, our albums... It has been such a pleasant trip and we are still travelling! I am very proud and satisfied with our career.

Are you already thinking about your next album?

No. First we have to reload our batteries. We don't have a clue about the next album. "Disclosure" cost a lot of energy. First we will promote "Disclosure".  

Will we see you on stage in any festival this summer?

In 2013 we hope to do some festivals.  

Is there any tour planned?

We are currently working on European tour plans for 2013.

Will you come to France soon?

2013! I hope :) 

Is there any other new or any solo project from band members you want to talk about?

Frank has his electronic solo project called Grimm Limbo. Very danceable and different from The Gathering. Marjolein is doing several side projects and bands besides The Gathering and Silje sung a song on the new Katatonia album. We all do little things besides this band. Also non musical things such as work and study.  

Do you have something to say to the people who download your music illegally?  

I hope they like the album and buy it legally.

And finally, do you want to say something special to our readers?

Thanks for this pleasant conversation! Hope to see you soon in France! Cheers!!

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