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25 Septembre 2012




Interview Ola Henriksson (by mail)

Hi Ola and thanks for taking some time to talk with us. So your new album, "Legend", will be available on September 21st 2012, what can you tell us about it? What are the meaning and themes of this album?

It is the heaviest, most well written and most beautiful Witchcraft album this far. The meaning of it is for you to decide. You can choose to make it into what you wish.

What are your favorite songs on the album?

My favs are White Light Suicide and Dystopia.

Did you enjoy going back to work in studio?

I love recording and hearing an album grow so yes, I enjoyed it very much. Especially when knowing that the songs are so good.

This new album marks the recording debut of the band's new members: the guitar players Simon Solomon and Tom Jondelius and the drummer Oscar Johansson, did you enjoy working with these new members?

Very much indeed. I have great respect for their musicianship and I have learned a lot since these guys have joined the band.

So there were some changes in the band, are you now fully satisfied of it as it is? Do you always get along well together?

I am satisfied and thrilled to start touring with these “new” members. We get along just fine.

Your singer, Magnus Pelander has stated that he will now focus on his vocals and no more on guitar playing. Was it a band decision? Are you all happy about that?

It was either that or three guitars and we are not Iron Maiden so I'm very happy with that. Magnus has wanted to do this for a long time and I think that it has improved his vocals very much.

Your band was created in 2000, so your career spans now 12 years, how do you consider it now?

I consider it to be better than ever. It feels like we are on a new level now and I hope that we can continue to create good music!

Can you tell us what/who inspires you to write and compose music?

For me it is mostly other music. Sometimes I can get an idea from a book or a movie but when I hear a great song or watch a great band live I always get an urge to write or jam.

Are you already thinking about your next album?

Actually yes. Ten minutes ago I was in my couch with my guitar creating a riff.

Is there any tour planned?

Soon Europe, and the US in 2013.

Will you come to France soon?

I hope so. Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world.

Did you play in some festivals this summer? Did you enjoy your shows?

Yes we played five festivals in Sweden, Germany and Austria and it felt great to be on stage playing heavy rock again!

Is there any other new or any solo project from band members you want to talk about?

You can check out Troubled Horse, that is my other band.

Do you have something to say to the people who download your music illegally?

If they buy the music that they like it is fine by me. They must realize that we suffer if they don't support us.

And finally, do you want to say something special to our readers?

I hope to see all of you when we come to play live! Live long and prosper!

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