Zero Degree

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01 Juin 2012




Interview Zero Degree (par mail)

The release of « Surreal World » is a good surprise because it enables those who had missed your self- produced album at the end of 2010 to rediscover Zero Degree. What drove Massacre Roads to look into Zero Degree two years later?

Greetings! We simply sent our album to them and they thought it would be great to re-release it worldwide and reach more fans of melodic death metal. As it seems they had the right idea.

Am I the only one to take advantage of this opportunity or has there been a revival of interest for the album since end of March 2012?

We received a huge amount of feedback after the release and it is still growing. Actually, it is really hard to keep up with it and answer all the submissions. But we try our best!

You claim you draw inspiration from two sources: melodic death such as Dark Tranquillity and heavy metal reminiscence of Iron Maiden. Personally I mostly felt an influence of Arch Enemy: would you agree?

Yes, “Arch Enemy” is another band we absolutely like. They've got great albums out and it may be that they influenced us subconsciously. But there are a lot of things which influence our music. But mostly we don’t think much about it and do the stuff that comes out of us or what we’re feeling at that moment.

What does come as a pleasant surprise is the power of your sound (probably due to the three guitars) , the variety of tempo (achieved by the intimate association of bass and drums) and which in the process distinguishes you from the current trend of melodic death. Will you continue that trend with your new album?

Thanks, it is really nice that you point out that fact because it is absolutely important for us to resume the more or less old school way of playing melodic death metal. I think there are not many bands that play that style nowadays and the fans appreciate what we are doing it. Our second album will continue Zero Degree’s trademarks but I think that it won’t be a trend.

How far have you got in the making of the album?

We have done nearly nine songs but without vocals and lyrics. So our singer Thomas will have the possibility to bring more ideas to the table. Some melodies, leads and solos are still left to do. We hope to get the whole album done in fall of 2012.

You definitely deserve an audience: are you planning to come and perform in France or anywhere else?

Thank you, at this point we concentrate on playing shows in Germany. Maybe we'll have the opportunity to play in France sometimes. Because we know that there are a lot of supporters and fans. So it would be a real honour and pleasure for us coming to France. By the way big cheers to Sébastien of melodic death outfit “Fractal Gates”, if you still don’t know them, check them out!

Thanks for your collaboration to the site ”Aux Portes du Métal” and long live Zero Degree!

Zero Degree has to thank you for the interview and for paying attention to our music. See you in the future. METAL!

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